Breast Implant and Enlargement can be done by either filling with Silicon or Saline Solution which reconstruct tissue of breast. Breast Implant is done by plastic surgeon by using implants to help to have body that you dream of. It is possible these days to do cosmetic surgery for all body parts.

Most Common Patients of Breast Implants are:

1) Weight loss after pregnancy

2) By birth or hereditary problem with size

There are many plastic surgeon and even many called them so even if they are not certified or having experience in this field. So there are many things that you must consider on your Breast Implant Orange County

1) Are they have certification from Consult Board

2) How much experience they have specially in doing Breast Impant, Breast Augmentation

3) How many surgery they have performed or is there any complication face by any patient

4) Which Material they are using for performing Breast implant

5) Are they ready to share name of his patients that have undergone Breast Implant by him

6) Are they have Breast implant after and before photos

7) How long recovery period you can expect after going for Breast implant

Dr Mirrafati is expert surgeon have great experience in all types of Cosmetic Surgery procedures and is board certified by various certification body